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 We've reimagined the
home buying and rental process by creating groundbreaking technology that lets you experience and have confidence in your future environment before ever breaking ground.
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The video above is a montage of direct screen recordings from Aireal powered experiences. We are happy to prove it.
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What is Aireal?

Why Aireal?

Over the last ten years, Aireal has been trusted by the top builders and developers in the world to visually articulate their vision in the form of interactive, immersive experiences.

We aren't just talking about another pretty picture. Aireal empowers everyone to experience the pure essence of what "home" means to individuals and families. The impact of Aireal's immersive experience is significant, as it can lead to buyers and renters having confidence in future spaces that not only look good, but also feel good and function well for the people who will live there.
Our Focus

“What you all have going with your company and what is soon to be released is going to CHANGE THE GAME…can’t wait for the rest of the world to see your launch here soon!"

Chris Hartley- K Hovnanian

“Incredible product - the best in the biz by far.”

Jeff Shore - 2024 NAHB Sales & Marketing Professional of the Year

"(Aireal's) work is the picture of innovation and raising the bar for the residential construction industry!"

Jeff Mottle - AECO at NVIDIA
Our Focus

Our focus


Experience as a service

Aireal's innovative solutions empower companies to streamline operations, while simultaneously enriching customer interactions and satisfaction. By focusing on the needs of both businesses and end-users, Aireal's technology fosters an environment that drives innovation, unlocks potential, and catalyzes growth for everyone involved.

Aireal has the data to show a consistent pattern of reducing the amount of waste rework and change orders needed on a project by 66% (on average).
Take Home-Buying Digital
Give your customers the experience they deserve by allowing them to build their dream home from the comfort of their couch.
Unlimited Marketing Material + Over 70 Metrics
With the ability to take as many videos and images from Aireal experiences, you never have to worry about the cost of a single rendered image or video.
Meet Buyers Where They Are
In 2022, 47% of homes were sold sight unseen. Photo-realistic virtual tours can be deployed faster and cheaper than building model homes.
Sales Made Easy
We provide over 70 patented metrics so your sales team can know as much as possible about leads before they even visit the community.
A Sense Of Confidence
Photo-realistic tours give your buyers confidence that the product they are buying will be exactly as they envisioned.
Discover Tomorrow's Communities Today
Explore future master planned communities with the surrounding area, fully visualized before breaking ground.
Simple Implementation. Luxurious Results
Deployment to your website is as simple as integrating four lines of code. Aireal experiences are as intuitive as a traditional virtual tour, but with robust features and realism.
Future memories enabled by technology



Augmented reality

Geospatial Augmented Reality
Architech is the original geospatial augmented reality technology that began development over ten years ago and has  over seven patents granted globally. With Architech, users can overlay digital twins of future structures onto the real world (with nearly millimeter level precision globally) and physically walk through the augmented space to understand its scale, see how the home sits on the lot, and visualize the view out of their windows.

Architech provides an experience 20x more realistic than the closest competitor, making it the most immersive and interactive option on the market. Revolutionize the way you design and interact with physical spaces with Architech - the future of geospatial augmented reality.

Click the link below to learn more about the most valuable use case of augmented reality technology.
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Web based

Easy embed

Web Embeddable Interactive Scene
No App. No Problem. For the first time, Aireal is bringing render-quality graphics to real-time, 3D embedded experiences directly in a website — without the need for any additional hardware and no app downloads.

To lower the barrier of entry for immersive, interactive experiences, Omnistream was purpose-built to allow anyone to explore and engage with an entire community, inside and out, right from their browser. In order to add it to your website, all you need to do is copy and paste four lines of code into your site.

Omnistream's realism replaces the need for traditional renderings and video fly-through's. With pricing that is familiar, you have full interactivity while also being able to capture unlimited photos and videos to share on your marketing channels.
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Our Process
Project STart
STEP → 001
Upload Project Spec Files.
To kick off a project, Aireal has a portal system available for clients to upload project specification files, that also contains the functionality to view our real-time experience creation board and chat directly with members of the team with any questions you may have. When completing the upload of files for the project, we have many that are required and some that are optional, but highly encouraged. Simply put, the more detail you are able to provide, the more detail the experience we deliver will have.

If you are interested in learning more about our project kickoff or our project specification list, click the button below.
STEP → 002
Experience Creation.
At our company, we believe in transparency and providing the highest quality experience to our clients. That's why we're proud to offer a new capability that allows you to observe the progress of your project in real-time. With our live factory view, you can see exactly how your experience is being created and provide feedback to ensure that any requests are addressed in the moment.

We understand that our clients expect the best, which is why we are dedicated to providing the highest quality experience in the most efficient manner possible. Our real-time project board and live factory view are just two ways we're delivering on that promise.
View of live project review - powered by aireal's partnership with nvidia
Delivery and engagement
STEP → 003
Project Delivery.
We take pride in putting our name behind every project we deliver, and we want you to feel the same. That's why, when we consider a project "delivered", our work is far from over.

At Aireal, we always offer ongoing support and constantly strive to improve our services to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final product.

With our live feed of over 70 different metrics, you can stay informed about your prospective buyers and have access to key insights that will help you make informed decisions about future plans and developments.
Digital experiences that create unified expectations for a project