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by Aireal

Architech by Aireal
Geospatial Augmented Reality Application for immersive walkable tours.
Geospatial AR
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70+ Data Metrics

What is Architech?

Architech is Aireal's patented Geospatial Augmented Reality platform that enables people to connect the future world digitally with the real world as it is today. Architech uses GPS coordinates to place augmented content. See unbuilt homes, office buildings, hotels, etc. exactly how they will look in real life. Users can fully interact with their future environment using augmented reality content. This helps save time & money on construction costs and even assists with zoning approval and pre-planning decisions.

Architech uses the hardware you already have. For both iOS and Android devices, no additional hardware is required for you to take your digital experiences to new heights.
See your future homes right on the lot lines using Aireal's patented geospatial augmented reality.
Unleash your creativity with our  design swapping tool. Switch between various design and structural options in real-time to make sure you get the perfect look for your space.
Unlock the power of predictive analytics with our patented data metrics. Get the inside scoop on potential buyers - from their human behavior to geointelligence.
Experience the world around you through our full, immersive virtual tours. Walk where you want and experience a 3D immersive environment like no other.
Create stunning marketing collateral by capturing as many photos and videos from Architech.
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