Web-Embeddable interactive experiences


by Aireal

OmniStream by Aireal
Stream interactive experiences directly in your website.
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70+ Data Metrics

What is OmniStream?

OmniStream is a web-embeddable or desktop application that allows users to fully interact with an unbuilt environment. OmniStream easily embeds into your website with only 4 lines of code and is both desktop and mobile friendly. OmniStream brings the unbuilt environments to life and allows users to tour everything from their next home & community, to their next apartment, to their next office space.

Aireal's TruLight technology shows how natural and artificial light combine for photorealistic experiences.
Our patented data metrics let you leverage the power of human behavior and geointelligence to  maximize your sales success.
Get the stunningly realistic view you need to make your new community come to life with our community view feature.
Capture every moment of your home sales and marketing experience with Omnistream. Take as many photos and videos of your houses using our Director's Controller.
OmniStream gives you a bird's-eye view of your community, even the spaces and amenities yet to be built.
Experience vivid, photorealistic virtual tours and no more clickable 360 photos. Break the boundaries of traditional virtual tours and set your buyers up for the world-changing exploration of tomorrow.
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