Reality Studio by Aireal is an Augmented Reality authoring and publishing tool that offers the capability of creating breathtaking experiences without the complexity of writing code.

With Reality Studio, it has never been easier to bring your ideas to life.

Realtors and Brokers

The status quo of providing property tours to potential clients has many limitations; especially now. The common practice of on-site tours can be inconvenient for out-of-towners. And technology solutions like FaceTime, don't provide an experience that does the property justice.


Architects have the amazing ability of visually articulating their imagination. However, visually communicating a 3D space with a 2D image is still challenging for many people. Even with advanced (and expensive) static renderings or 3D fly-throughs, customers have difficulty understanding the size and flow of a space.


Buyers of new or existing properties lack the ability to customize a space before even lifting a brush or hammer. Even with a new build, visualizing the finished product with a mood board is still a best guess.


Builders face the challenge of selling a vision. A vision that has many variables including house models, elevations, lot locations, interior amenities, and more. Every variable needs to align properly for the buyer to have the confidence to purchase a home. Until now, there has not been a simple, hassle-free process to share the vision.

Reality Studio

Reality Studio allows anyone to create, deploy, and manage a robust cross-platform AR solution using a simplified user experience. Getting started is incredibly easy and natural — as simple and intuitive as creating your first PowerPoint. With no training, you will be able to create your own brilliant experience with the most advanced features in augmented reality.

Reality Studio is Aireal's flagship product and the future of augmented reality.

All videos are actual screen-recording of Aireal’s technology in action.
All videos are actual screen-recording of Aireal’s technology in action.
Before After

No prior 3D experience or interior design background is required to begin making a space your own. Reality Studio offers countless content libraries from many leading brands in appliances, fixtures, furniture, and materials. You can place this content and create your own configurations to save and share.

Place AR
Yes. Anywhere.

Aireal has patented and created an unprecedented leap in geospatial technology by creating the ability to place augmented reality content globally with millimeter level precision. Delivering content at specific locations with such accuracy provides consistent and shareable experiences. Unlike other augmented reality solutions, there is no requirement to scan an environment or have ideal lighting solutions for it to work. Aireal's geospatial placement allows you to instantly tap to place in any conditions or pre-program exact locations for experiences to be available.

TruPaint by Aireal

TruPaint takes into account real-world and fixture lighting to provide your environment with an accurate representation of colors. TruPaint allows you to see how a paint color will look in a new or existing room before you pull out a brush.

TruLight by Aireal

TruLight allows you to take control of the lighting in a new or existing space. TruLight takes into account location and orientation data to provide real-time and simulated sunlight patterns for a space. TruLight also allows you to select light hue/wattage and place new fixtures in a property.

All videos are actual screen-recording of Aireal’s technology in action.
All videos are actual screen-recording of Aireal’s technology in action.
But wait there’s more.

User interaction data

Over 70+ metrics related to behavior, engagement and location to help you gauge buyer interest and close the sale.

Unlimited photos & videos

Experience, explore and share. -- Take unlimited photos and videos with voice annotations that you can share with anyone.

Both iOS & Android

Experience, explore and share. -- Take unlimited photos and videos with voice annotations that you can share with anyone.

Branded mobile app

Experience, explore and share. -- Take unlimited photos and videos with voice annotations that you can share with anyone.

Elevator Tool

Want to experience the 22nd story of an augmented building? The elevator tool allows you to select your desired floor and have it moved to ground level for you to explore.

Multiple scale views

Whether you want to view the experience at its real-world size or if you want multiple people to view it on a conference table, we allow you to scale the experience to the right size for you.

Pin or password access

If you would like to privately share or keep a record of a specific party engaging your experience, Reality Studio gives you the ability to create unlimited pins/passwords for access.

Save office or furniture configurations

If you would like to see how furniture fits within your space or the flow of desks within an office, Reality Studio's configuration tool allows you to save multiple layouts to reference, review, and share.

Works well with others.

Reality Studio is complementary to your existing software by supporting all formats of content and making your experience creation hassle-free.


My architect showed me a virtual reality solution for tours, is Aireal the same thing?

Virtual Reality requires a user to put on a headset that completely immerses them in a new environment. This causes many issues including motion sickness, removes the ability to navigate naturally (must use a controller to move), and it requires expensive, immobile hardware that can't easily be moved. With Aireal, we are an Augmented Reality technology (superimposes digital content over your real-world environment) that uses the hardware that everyone already has and is familiar with (smartphones, tablets, etc.) allowing users to move naturally and interact with their existing environment.

I already have renderings made by a company, why should I use Aireal?

Renderings are expensive and take countless hours to process a single image which ultimately isn't a scalable solution. 2D images and 3D fly-throughs don't offer the ability to explore and customize either. Aireal removes all of the barriers and allows a user to explore a space as though it was already built and can customize, as well as, take unlimited, render quality images and videos in real-time.

How is Aireal different than Revvit, Sketchup, etc.?

Aireal is a complementary platform to the software mentioned by supporting the content produced and allowing simple, seamless integration into a unique AR experience.

Do users need to download a special Aireal app?

No, Aireal is a white-label solution meaning that our technology can integrate into your existing mobile application or you can create your own branded mobile directly through Reality Studio.

Does Aireal work in other verticals?

Yes, we have done work in sports, entertainment, education, and more. However, we found that we could make the biggest impact in real estate development, architecture, and smart cities. In these verticals, we will continue to perfect our model and technology before opening Reality Studio to other industries.

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