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Senior Unreal Technical Artist

We are currently bringing unbuilt environments in the ArchViz world at an explosive rate. Our mission is to offer powerful self-service visualization tools that allow people to experiment and experience something that would otherwise be impossible. As we continue to build our technology and develop remarkable experiences, we strive to build a team of world-class talent.

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Your Responsibilities
  • Ability to create all assets needed for texturing including conceptualization, prototyping, and final products.
  • Create the highest-quality real-time visual effects, both in appearance and performance, while adhering to the project’s artistic vision.
  • Develop game-ready functionality for various projects
  • Create and implement scripting automation for levels.
  • Execute a range of visual styles from realistic to abstract.
  • Research and develop new texturing solutions, visually and technically.
  • Deliver accurate time estimates to project managers.
  • Build documentation, communicate requirements, and provide feedback to internal & external artists and outsourcing partners.
  • Track trends, the latest technology & the competition, to constantly refine our product while maintaining a foundation in traditional processes.
  • Lead and drive artistic initiatives while collaborating with other departments to develop and implement high-quality content.
  • Ensure a consistent style and level of quality across all of our products.
  • Work with your team to troubleshoot game art-related issues in a timely manner throughout production.
  • Know when and where to re-optimize and how to most effectively improve materials and lighting without compromising visual quality.
  • Create shaders for environmental assets, volumetrics, decals, & ambient effects.
  • Material assignment and texture creation
  • Optimizes textures and geometry; creates LODs
  • Set dresses with modular assets in-editor UE5
Company Benefits
  • Work remotely
  • Health, Dental, and Eye insurance
  • Paid Time Off
Minimum Qualifications
  • Proficiency with Unreal Blueprints.
  • Proficiency in the following: C++, Python
  • Experience developing for Unreal Engine 4/5.
  • Experience in implementing 3D assets, lighting, shaders, & textures into interactive scenes.
  • Proficient in texture creation with Photoshop, Substance Designer/Painter, or equivalent.
  • Solid understanding of taking assets through the full modeling/texturing production pipeline.
  • A critical eye for the timing, animation, and motion of real-world objects and visual FX with an ability to bring objects to life.
  • Excellent sense of scale, timing, detail, form, texture, & color.
  • Experience in ArchViz development.
  • 3D modeling and texturing of non-character assets.
  • Excellent communicator & team player.
  • Ability to manage and organize work to meet all deadlines and ability to adapt when changes need to happen.
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new & experimental software.
  • Accustomed to going above and beyond.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with Augmented Reality development
  • Experience with USD format
  • Experience with Omniverse and Omniverse Create
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or game design
  • Proficiency in the following: HTML5, C#, WebGL, WebGPU, F#, Houdini
  • Scripting experience
  • Sculpts, high poly, low poly, High poly to low poly bakes
  • Experience using Niagara
  • Experience developing in Unity
  • Experience working as a professional designer
  • Ability to quickly learn new programming languages as needed.
  • Ability to make textures from photogrammetry

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About Aireal
Aireal is the original geospatial augmented reality (AR) platform that focuses on the intentionality of experiences that change how one interacts with their existing environment. Aireal was founded in 2013 and since has been awarded seven global patents with an additional six pending pertaining to proprietary technology that empowers a person to experience and customize a property at scale before ever breaking ground. Since introducing the AR technology known as ARchitect, Aireal has created additional immersive mediums, including RealityVUE, the web-embeddable visual user experience. All technology released by Aireal is intended to streamline the customer buying journey and improve customer sentiment by instilling confidence in the buyer through visualizing expectations. As we continue to build our technology and develop remarkable experiences, we strive to make a team of world-class talent.