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Generative Model Engineer (3D & AI)

We are seeking a talented and dynamic Generative ModelEngineer to join our team, focusing on the development and integration of cutting-edge machine learning models into our 3D editor platform. This role involves monitoring, adjusting, and improving the performance of machine learning models, as well as leading innovative efforts in training and implementing generative models for various visual and media outcomes. Whether you're crafting new algorithms or optimizing existing ones, your work will directly contribute to the enhancement of our 3D editor's capabilities, making it more powerful, efficient, and versatile for users worldwide. Join us to push the boundaries of AI and 3D technology, and help shape the future of visual media creation.

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Your Responsibilities

  • Monitor the performance and accuracy of machine learning models, making necessary adjustments and improvements.
  • Lead execution and research efforts to train and implement generative models.
  • Work alongside other teams to integrate models in our 3D editor.
  • Research, train, and implement models for different types of visual/media outcomes.

Company Benefits
  • Work remotely
  • Health, Dental, & Eye insurance
  • Paid Time Off
Minimum Qualifications
  • Strong experience working with generative models(Diffusion/GANs/LLMs)
  • Understanding of 3D Computer Graphics(Shaders/GLSL, Raytracing, etc.)
  • Experience with large datasets
  • Experience With Computer Vision Models
  • A solid understanding of algorithms

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